Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mathias Kistowski and Veronica Zynda

Mathias Kistowski was born between 1797-1800 in Koscierzyna area of Poland.
Mathias married Veronica Zynda sometime before 1834; she was born between 1800-1802 in Koscierzyna area of Poland. They had the following children born in Poland before emigrating to the United States.

Parish / Registry office Year Child Forename Fathers Forename Fathers Surname Mothers Forename Mothers Surname

1834 Catharina Mathias Kystowski von Veronica Żynda

1839 Jacob Mathias Kystowski Veronica Zynda

1845 Josephina Mathias Kistowski Veronica Zynda

1849 Marianna Mathias Kystowski Veronica Żynda

1853 Julianna Apolonia Mathias Kystowski Veronika Żynda

The family came to in US sometime between 1860 and 1865, possibly 1862 and they were on the 1865 Minnesota State census in Winona under the spelling Chistofski. At this time some of the children were already married and living with their own families.
In 1870 Mathias and Veronica were living in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. I am connecting Mathias and Veronica’s daughter Marianna to Mary Kistowski who married John Wika son of Jacob Wika and Magdalena Palubicka. John was born in about 1829 and came to the US in about 1859 and married Mary Kistowski in about 1863. John and Mary were on the 1870 census under the spelling WICKLY.

Jacob Kistowski born 11 Jul 1839 married Anna Catherine Eichman daughter of Frank Eichman and Catherine Maszk. I didn’t locate Jacob in 1870, but he is listed with his parents in 1880, under the spelling
Mathias Kistowski and Veronica Zynda had the following children:

1. Catharina Kistowski was born in 1834 in Koscierzyna, Poland.
2. Jacob Kistowski was born on 11 Jul 1839 in Lipusz Parish, Pomorskie, Poland (Lippusch, Berent, West Prussia). He married Anna Catherine Eichman before 1865. He died on 24 Jun 1907 in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin.
3. Francisca Kistowski was born on 17 Sep 1840 in Lipusz Parish, Poland.
4. Micheal Kistowski was born on 06 Aug 1842 in Lipusz Parish, Poland.
5. Josephina Kistowski was born in 1845 in Koscierzyna, Poland.
6. Marianna Kistowski was born in 1849 in Koscierzyna, Poland. She married John Wika in 1863 in USA (16/9). She died after 1930.
7. Julianna Apolonia Kistowski was born on 27 Feb 1853 in Koscierzyna, Poland. She died on 31 Jan 1905 in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin.